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Clinico Diagnostic Center - Health Care and Diagnostic Center in Bhandup West

Our Journey Towards Quality Diagnostics Started As A Diagnostic Center in Bhandup West In 1982

In the early 80’s Clinico Diagnostic Center was Clinico Pathology Laboratory headed by Mr Kishor Desai. It had its setup as a pathology lab  in Mulund East only.

His son, Mr Himanshu Desai joined him in late 90’s to take his legacy further.


In the late 1990’s we made our Mulund East Center 24 x 7 and also augmented it with services like X-Ray, Sonography, 2D Echo , Stress Test , ECG and PFT.

Complete Diagnostic Facilities under One Roof.


We started up our second center of Diagnostic Center in Bhandup West West in March 2009, which also offers services like X-Ray, Sonography, 2D Echo, Stress Test, ECG and PFT to our patients.


In Jan 2011 we started our Third Center at Bhandup West. Airoli Centre was inaugerated in Dec 2011.


State of the art Thane Center with advanced diagnostic technology starts up in Thane’s heart of Naupada.

Achieved ISO 9001-2008 certification and in the process of NABL Accreditation.


Diagnostic Center in Bhandup West and East centre was shifted in the month of March and June respectively with the State of the art facilities. We always believe in upgrading ourselves. With this motto in mind we have started with the Mammography and OPG facilities at the pathology lab in Mulund West centers.

Attachment to Hospitals

We have more than 25 hospitals attached to our various centers where we provide collection facilities and we also have individual on premises labs set up at some these places.

pathology lab in mulund

Conditions of Reporting

  1. The Test Result relates only to the samples tested at Clinico
  2. For Samples received from other locations, it is assumed that sample belongs to the patient named and this verification is presumed to be done at the place where the sample is collected.
  3. A test requested may not be performed for the following reasons:
    1. If the quantity of specimen received is inadequate
    2. If the quality of specimen is unacceptable. (hemolysed / clotted / lipemic)
    3. If the type of specimen is incorrect

    In such cases we would need a fresh specimen and reporting would be done on the same parameters.

  4. We put in our maximum efforts to ensure that the report reach to you at the stipulated time. If however in some circumstances (e.g. Failure of test runs, unavailability of kits, instrument breakdown or any natural calamities) which are unpredictable clinico will make all efforts to minimize the delay.
  5. Partial reproduction of this report is not permitted.
  6. The liability of test result on the laboratory is limited to the cost of test only.
  7. Result may vary from laboratory to laboratory and also in some parameters from time to time for the same patient.
  8. Isolated laboratory investigation never confirms final diagnosis of the diseases.
  9. If the age of patient was not stated in the test requisition form, adult reference ranges will be printed by default as the reference range of patient.
  10. This report is not valid for medico legal purposes. Neither Clinico nor its employees/ representatives/ affiliates assume any liability, responsibility for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person as a result of presuming the meaning or contents of the report.
  11. All Pathological Tests have their limitations and need correlation with other related tests and surgical signs / symptoms. Kindly interpret accordingly.
Clinico Diagnostic Center
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  2. Use of this Site, does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Nothing contained in this Site is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.
  3. When in doubt about results displayed from Web, please contact Clinico immediately, to verify your results on phone.