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The Clinico Diagnostic Center Pvt. Ltd, Diagnostic centers across Mulund, Thane & Navi Mumbai, privacy policy highlights the critical information which may be considered private to the users of the website that will be collected and the ways those information will be used or processed. You are advised to go through the Clinico privacy policy before using the site to avoid future issues and to fully und

If you have any concerns or complaints with any of these policies, kindly contact the Clinico’s customer care via the websites live chat.

Information collected

The following personal information provided by users or obtained through visiting the site includes;

  • Salutation
  • Name (first and last name)
  • Gender and age
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Zip/Postal code
  • Billing and collection address

How is your Private Information Used?

The private information collected on the Clinico website is used for business and customer awareness purposes but are not restricted to those alone

  • Information such as Email and Users contact are used to contact back in cases of assistance request and to provide results of a test
  • Zip/ Postal code, gender, and age is used for surveys and for reporting results accurately
  • They are used to maintain and improves the services of the website to create better customer satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards for fraud and reducing crime and identification.
  • Service evaluation and to rate the satisfaction of users

To fully understand how all information is used, below is detailed information providing how all information is used categorically

Email Address and Mobile Number

  • To notify users about improvement in services. It might serve as a notification for modification of policies and services or notification for the addition of a new service,
  • It is required in cases of frequent communication or delivery.
  • Affirmation of authentication and recollection of the passwords
  • No personal information will be revealed or released to any third parties unless:
  • It involves providing our services, or you have given permission to allow such action
  • To fulfill legal obligations, i.e., in compliance with regulatory requirements or accordance with court orders or other legal / quasi-legal proceedings
  • It is essential to do so to safeguard and support the rights or prerogatives of the website
  • We may offer up or collate with non-affiliated third party companies, non-personal information about site utilization. There is no personal data regarding the users in this compile data. We take appropriate measures to ensure that our third parties follow proper safety standards and methods to protect the safety of private information.

Use and Disclose your Report/information/ data:

  • Your information or data will be made available to professional medical practitioners for treatment.
  • We may use the report with our accounting department and reveal it for payment purposes to insurance firms, hospitals, doctors, or third parties. Our staff is governed by the Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy that requires them to respect the rights of personal data made available to them.
  • In the course of the practices required to sustain our health care services, such as to conduct quality controls on our tests, for educational reasons, or to improve standard reference intervals for the tests we execute, we might use or divulge your report.
  • We may also share your information with government authorities or law enforcement agencies (LEAs) legally mandated to acquire such data for proof of identity and protection, identification, inquiry, involving but not restricted to cybercrimes, indictment, and punishment of offenses.
  • We may divulge your reports to the Department of Health or any other administration. The authority or government body shall process state/country medical information as and when requested by them for compilation.
  • Responding to subpoena, court orders, or legal proceedings or defining or exercising our legal rights or defending against legal claims.
  • Your information or data may also be used for the following third party activities:
  • Advertisements

The website and the advertiser simultaneously collect personal data given out to ads on the website. The information gathered by the website through this means follows all regulations provided in this privacy policy, but the website doesn’t control the action of the advertisers. Therefore, every user is encouraged to go through the privacy policy of the advertiser before dropping personal information. This website will not be responsible for how advertisers utilize users’ personal information.

The company may also collect and gather users’ personal information and share it with third parties for promotional and marketing purposes.


  • Posts to general areas of the website

Kindly note that the website doesn’t protect any personal information given out by users through posting to public areas of the website. Other users or visitors can utilize such data, and the website will not be responsible with how this information is used

  • Other Business Agencies.

This website works with the parent company, affiliates, and other agencies aimed at improving the quality of service provided and the overall wellbeing of the users. Information and data of users will be shared with these other agencies to serve its users further effectively. These affiliates and other agencies comply with the website’s privacy policy in the handling of users’ information.

Other websites

This contents of this website may contain links to other websites; once a user is redirected to another website, then the website is no longer responsible for how user information is handled on the other website. All users are advised to go through the privacy policy of the other websites from links gotten from the Clinico website before dropping their private information.

Protection of Personal Information

Patient Reporting and Test Ordering are under our website, For detailed Security Steps used by us, please refer to the Privacy page at

 Privacy Update

Clinico holds the right to change or amend this policy by posting a notice on our website at any time. Any change will take full effect upon publishing to this website. We retain the right at any time to review this Privacy Statement, so therefore periodically research it. When we make substantial changes to this policy, we will inform you by email or through a message on our webpage.


The Company does not view, store, or retain credit card information. All credit card payments are carried out using Secure Server Software (SSL) for 128-bit authentication via third-party portals, and the organization plays no role in the payment except to redirect users to gateways or related websites. The Company will, therefore, not be accountable or liable for any loss or damage arising from any release of Personal Data of any kind.

The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by any leakage of any Private Information about the Customer’s account or information on or relating to online transactions using credit

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This Privacy Policy and Terms usage shall be controlled and established in compliance with India’s laws only without regard to violation of laws principles or conflicts emerging concerning it – and shall be liable to the exclusive authority of New Delhi, India’s authorized judiciary.


The Company can, in its absolute discretion, delegate any of its duties to any other party without mention to the User. You shall, however, not assign, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of your rights under this Privacy Policy to any other party, unless the Company has given its written consent.

Contacting the Website

Should you have any concerns about the above Privacy Policy, this website’s privacy policies, or whether you want to enforce any of your rights within this Privacy Policy, please contact us through the 24/7 live chat, and we will respond promptly.