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When you come to the Emergency Care at Hospital+, we work hard to give you prompt treatment for your body.


Medical clinic is initial medical care provided to a patient by a physician. You may see your primary physician.


Our clinical laboratory professionals are proud to be the best in their professions. They are the best in their line of work.


Focused on helping people in all stages of life get access to a range of highly trained clinicians & programs.

Our Doctors

  • Dr Shweta Parekh

    Dr Shweta Parekh


    Dr Shweta Parekh has been working as a health care professional for more than...

  • Dr Priyanka Jain

    Dr Priyanka Jain


    Education MBBS DCP speciality Diploma in clinical pathology

  • Dr Nilesh Tatkare

    Dr Nilesh Tatkare


    He studied MBBS and MD Pathology from esteemed Mahatma Gandhi institute of medical sciences....

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We are here to help you feel better and more healthier than before.

  • Specialist Consultations

    Specialist Consultations

      Speclialist and Dentist Consultations We at Clinico believe in providing complete medical advise coupled with...
  • Cardiac Health (Stress Test and ECG)

    Cardiac Health (Stress Test...

    Cardiology, Chest Physician, Stress Tests and ECG We at Clinico provide professional cardiology practice specializing in...
  • Sonography


    Digital Sonography Center in Mulund with Advanced Imaging Systems Clinico Diagnostic Centre is equipped with the...
  • Pathology 24 x 7

    Pathology 24 x 7

    We have dedicated staff of 30 plus technicians and specialists lead by M.D. Pathologists across our...

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Patients have an important role to play at each stage of their care and the five safety tips will serve to encourage them to be more involved in their health care.

Patients can do a lot of small things to make their health-care experience as safe as possible. Hospitals are places of recovery and healing but there are also safety risks for patients, such as infections, falls and medication errors that can happen despite our best efforts.

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    Why to choose NABL Pathology...

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    Pathology Lab Near Me ?

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  • Health Packages

    Health Packages

    Clinico Health packages At Clinico, we care for your well being. We strongly recommend practicing prevention...