Pathology 24 x 7

Pathology 24 x 7

We have dedicated staff of 30 plus technicians and specialists lead by M.D. Pathologists across our all Calinico Diagnostic Centers. We are one of the largest pathology lab in Thane Distinct .

In the early 80’s Clinico Diagnostic Center was Clinico Pathology Laboratory headed by Mr Kishor Desai. It had its setup in Mulund East only. His son, Mr. Himanshu Desai joined him in late 90’s to take his legacy further.


The Mindray 5800

Best pathology lab in thane

The Mindray 5800 is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. The analyzer uses optical light scatter for WBC, RBC, PLT and Reticulocyte analysis
to meet the needs of today’s medium volume laboratories. The instrument offers simple operation, accurate 5 part WBC differential analysis, automated sample handling andreliability. The system combines MAPSS (Multi-Angle, Polarized Scatter Separation) technology with flow cytometry to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision.


COBAS 6000 and Integra 400 Plus


Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyser

High performing labs stake their reputation on quality. The trust of their clinicians is paramount. The Cobas 6000 analyzer series delivers high quality results based on experience, innovation and advanced technologies.

Stago Start 4- Coagulation Machine

The STA Satellite is a fully automated benchtop hemostasis analyzer capable of performing clotting, chromogenic and immunological assays simultaneously in random access mode. The system enables lntegrated Health Networks to standardize patient testing results including D-dimer and Anti-Xa. The STA Satellite® offers technological advances to ensure a high level of system reliability.


hemoglobin test

BIO Rad D 10- Glyco Hb

The D-10™ instrument provides
comprehensive, fully automated hemoglobin
testing in a compact footprint. Combining
diabetes and β-thalassemia testing
on a single platform.

This high-performance platform sets
a new standard for comprehensive hemoglobin
testing. Deliver a full picture of diabetes
treatment progress in fewer steps with
the D-10™ system.









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