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Blood sample collection at your doorstep just @Rs.100

NABL Accredited Pathology Lab
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Quality Services
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in the field of Diagnostics!

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Best Diagnostic Centre in Mulund West, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

When it comes to Diagnostic

Looking for blood collecion at your doorstep ?

Free home visit on Clinico Health Packages

or book a blood collection request @ Rs.100

An established NABL Certified Brand .

One of Mumbai's Top Diagnostic Chains

Health Packages at affordable charges !

Most Trusted Diagnostic Centre in Mulund West with 9 centers across Thane District.

Pathology Lab in Mulund

NABL Accredited Diagnostic Centre in Mulund West

Most Trusted Diagnostic Centre in Mulund West – Thane – Airoli – Bhandup

Clinico is the first-ever laboratory in Mulund to accomplish NABL Accreditation. NABL is governed by the Government of India and is a leading authority for the assessment of laboratories in India for quality and consistency in results. NABL Accredited laboratory thus follows the same guidelines as any other accredited laboratory in the world. Our chain has  Pathology Lab in Thane, Mulund, Airoli, & Bhandup.

Pathology lab in thane

Why to choose Clinico Pathology Lab ?

People are choosing to have urgent care centers.

Clinico Diagnostic Center provides you the Most Convenient way to collect blood sample and deliver you accurate reports.

Eight high tech centers across Thane Distinct allows us quick blood collection.

Diagnostic Center in Mulund

Efficient & Affordable

Nobody likes waiting . Even we don't .

Clinico has eight pathology labs scattered around Thane and Navi Mumbai to give you a quick service.

Prompt blood test results at affordable price is our vision , giving you the most accurate results is our mission.

Diagnostic Center in Mulund

Awards and Recognition

Clinico Diagnostics was recognised for its enormous contribution to the society by NEHRDO and Quality Brands

Diagnostic Center in Mulund

Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award

Conferred on Himanshu Desai, for his contribution towards National Growth.

Quality Brands India 2012-2014

pathology lab in mulund

Recognised as Quality Brand for services rendered in healthcare.

Pathology Lab in Mulund

Why Clinico as your Health Partners ?

Offering reliable and accurate diagnostic services to our customers, at affordable prices, in a customer centric manner.

Our leader Himanshu Desai is manned with a team of specialists and technicians across all our centers.

Therefore our success lies in team work coupled with our slogan “Quality Assured “, in our commitment to our patients, who form an integral part of our lives here at Clinico.

All our centers operate 24 X 7 X 365 days for our patients to access basic health services round the clock. ( 24 hrs Service For Pathology Only )

dental and eye checkup in mulund

Dental & Eye clinic

Ophthalmic and dental care clinic with modern infrastructure and experienced doctors. We at Clinico believe in providing complete medical advise coupled with diagnostic services under one roof. As a new initiative, patients can avail consulting services from our Panel Doctors in our centres to avail quick advise on diagnostic reports.

An established NABL Certified Brand .

One of Mumbai's Top Diagnostic Chains

Health Packages at affordable charges !

Patient's Testimonials

Very efficient service. Probably the best clinic in Thane. Great doctors and very helpful staff

Pathology Lab in Mulund
Shweta Sriwastav
The service is top notch and pretty quick.
Co-operative and friendly staff! And a hygienic environment👍
Diagnostic Center in Airoli
Sanjiv Dudey
Little expensive.. But lab is open 24hours .. All tests done here...
Diagnostic Center in Airoli
sangeeta chaubal
Best blood lab , not just bcoz they are everywhere in thane but the quick service they provide. staff is not that good .
Diagnostic Center in Airoli
Ranjana Dwivedi

Our Services

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    Specialist Consultations

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  • Pathology 24 x 7

    Pathology 24 x 7

    We have dedicated staff of 30 plus technicians and specialists lead by M.D. Pathologists across...

Latest News

Latest up-to-date information from our public relation department.

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Vision of becoming Best Diagnostic Center in Thane

Our Quality Policy

CLINICO DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE is committed towards a common goal of achieving total Patient Care and Confidence by delivering EXCELLENT DIAGNOSTIC REPORTS AND CLINICAL SERVICES. We offer service with our Diagnostic Center in Airoli, Mulund, Thane & Bhandup.

This committment and responsibility is practised and communicated by the Top Management through.

Achieving the likelihood of desired health outcomes that are consistent with current professional knowledge.

  • Implementing a system which meets the requirements of Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2000 as well as Human, Medical, Clinical, Legal and Ethical standards that can be clearly understood, managed and improved.
  • Ensuring empowerment of people to deliver services, which meet patient’s needs and their family’s expectations and also provide for continual improvement.
  • Establishing and pursuing Quality Objectives and performance standards.
  • Reviewing of suitability of Quality policy by conducting regular Medical Audits and Reviews.
  • Ensuring availability of resources.


Himanshu Desai
Executive Director


What makes us the Best Diagnostic Centre in Mulund West, Thane & Navi Mumbai?

As mentioned earlier a common goal of Clinico is  ” achieving total Patient Care and Confidence by delivering EXCELLENT DIAGNOSTIC REPORTS AND CLINICAL SERVICES. Accurate diagnosis not just provides ease in deciding treatment but also gives confidence to the patient which in turn helps in faster recovery. We offer service with our Diagnostic Center in Airoli, Mulund, Thane & Bhandup.

Following are some of the key factors making us stand different in the field of Diagnosis.

  1. 1st NABL Approved Diagnostic Centre in Mulund West – We believe and follow NABL quality control norms.
  2. Diagnosis at affordable cost.
  3. Fastest systems for collection of blood & delivering reports either digitally or in hands.
  4. 8 catering centers across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane.
  5. Pathology labs catering small cities like Bhandup & Airoli with a speed and efficiency as good as Mulund & Thane Centers.
  6. Last but not the least, our experience & modern infrastructure to cater patients with accurate & fastest diagnostic reports.
  7. One of Mulund’s Largest CT Scan & MRI Centers with advanced facilities. ( Clinico Scan Center )
  8. Advanced & Automated systems hence ensure accuracy and less chances of manual errors.