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The Mindray 5800

The pathology lab in Mulund, Clinico has industries leading Mindray 5800 hematology analyzer. It provides a high test speed of  90 tests per hour. The equipment works with a reliable Chemical dye method. It counts and identifies the blood cells at a very high rate. It provides high-quality read-outs and enables the medical staff at the Clinic to make accurate diagnostic decisions. Patients can now get quality blood tests with fast result analysis coupled with precise decisions in no time . Book an appointment with Clinico today and get a quick and accurate blood analysis from the best medical staff.

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COBAS6000 & Integra 400 Plus

The Integra 400 plus, a piece of equipment used to determine the different chemicals in a blood sample. Clinico, the pathology lab in Mulund works with the Integra 400 plus for determining the different chemicals in a blood sample. It is a key factor in accurately determining diseases. The tests come at a low price, and the equipment can handle 50-250 samples accurately per day. The pathology lab works with a policy to always provide fast results from the analysis.The Integra 400 plus makes this possible. Get your blood analysis done quickly, with high precision, and an outstanding efficiency at Clinico.

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BIO Rad D 10 - Glyco Hb

Get your hemoglobin test done quickly with the best equipment, and get the result back fast. The BIO Rad D 10 is an efficient hemoglobin tester with high precision and fast speed.  The ease of operation allows the physician at the pathology lab in Mulund to carry out tests faster coupled with the proper diagnosis. The medical equipment works with a screen touch operation, which enables ease in handling and reliability. You no longer have to waste a lot of time getting back the results with the BIO Rad D10 in the pathology lab in Mulund. Book an appointment today with Clinico Diagnostic Center.

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Stago Start 4

A lot of reasons can cause the inability of a patient’s body to stop bleeding through clotting caused by the blood coagulation. The user-friendly Stago start 4 equipment at the pathology lab in Airoli, Mulund & Thane has a facility which detects blood clotting in samples using the electro-mechanical method. The process is a swift, easy, and efficient one. Test results are also provided very quickly using the Stago Start 4. The equipment offers four filters, four measuring channels, and an independent in-built timer. For your quick and effective hemostasis test, book an appointment with Clinico today.


Pathology Lab in Mulund

Blood tests for heart care

Blood tests can help the physician monitor the state of the human heart. Heart diseases have been a common cause of death rate. Quick detection of these diseases, can help physicians treat them better. Clinico carries out tests to determine your heart health care. These tests include blood pressure tests, X-rays, stress tests, pulse checking, and so on. The health of the heart is very crucial in the well-being of the other organ of the body. It pumps blood to other parts of the body. Blood carries nutrients and helps to remove metabolic wastes from the body. Maintain a healthy heart, book an appointment with Clinico to check the state of your heart, and give diseases away.

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Pathology Lab in Mulund

Blood tests for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease associated with a high sugar level in the human body. There are different stages to diabetes. Type 1 diabetes symptoms appear suddenly, while signs of other types may not be that evident. Quick detection of diabetes in the early stage can help prevent its severity. This will also allow physicians to treat the patient better. Some of the blood tests carried out at the pathology lab in Mulund to detect diabetes include-

  • the A1C test (type 1)
  • random blood sugar test
  • Urine test
  • Glucose challenge test
  • Glucose tolerance test

Get the best health care for diabetes, and have a healthy life, book an appointment with a physician at Clinico.

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Pathology Lab in Mulund

Kidney Function

One out of three adults in the world are commonly diagnosed with kidney diseases. Early detection and treatment of such conditions can help to slow down the rate of growth or stop it from getting worse. The pathology lab in Mulund offers varieties of test for early detection of kidney diseases and provide physicians for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Some of the tests carried out include:

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Imaging test
  • Kidney tissue test

Maintain a healthy kidney by detecting kidney diseases early and start treatment immediately, book an appointment with a professional physician at Clinico.

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Liver Function

Liver tests are carried out to determine the state of health of the liver. The tests are carried out by measuring the levels of protein, bilirubin, and liver enzymes in the body. The liver serves as a filter for blood that comes from the digestive tract, metabolizing drugs, and detoxifies chemicals that go into the body. Liver function tests carried out at the pathology lab in Mulund include:

  • alanine transaminase (ALT)
  • aspartate aminotransferase (AST)
  • alkaline phosphatase (ALP)
  • albumin
  • bilirubin

Maintain a healthy liver function by booking an appointment at Clinico, for the quick and efficient test to determine the state of health of your Kidney.

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Do you offer email reports ?

Yes, we do. If the patient selects to share his/her email id we do share reports on email with patients concern.

Do you offer free blood sample collection ?

We offer free blood sample collection in Mulund, Thane, Airoli if the patient is going for Clinico Health Checkup Packages. If not sample collection cost varies from Rs. 50-100/- depending on distance but most of the times its free for comprehensive tests.